Incoming Teams

What is it?

This is the beginning of something incredible.  Launch 2018 will mark the beginning of a new church campus, youth centre, and ministry school in Cape Breton.  We will be inviting youth and young adult groups, churches, and ministry teams from across North America to come take part. We will be working in several locations in Cape Breton including, Sydney, New Waterford, and Glace Bay.

What is the History and Culture of Cape Breton?
Cape Breton truly is a mission field. Our island is currently plagued with addiction, poverty, and filled with broken hopeless people. Lighthouse Church aids in meeting the spiritual and social needs of our community. Our mission is to be a light in dark places and proclaim the plans and purposes of Heaven to invade our island. Cape Breton was once a thriving island whose main industrial exports were Cole mining and fishery. Similar to the Oil Fields in Alberta, many people from all over the country would travel for employment here in Cape Breton. Unfortunately the demise of Coal and increase of oil shut down all our Coal mines leaving thousands unemployed. Today Cape Breton is still feeling the effects of the economical and financial remission.

Here are some current statistics…
– 34.5% of kids live under the poverty line.
– 55% of young adult males have alcohol problems
– Cape Breton has the youngest average age when youth start drinking in all of Canada.
– Lighthouse Church & Undercurrent is one of only places offering Sunday School and youth programs in Glace Bay in recently years.
– High unemployment rate
– An ongoing prescription drug epidemic that is destructive to families and robs people of their hope
– Needle exchange rate has increased 25% over the last 7 years and continues to be on the rise
– 40+ churches have closed on our island since 2005 and that number continues to be on the rise

11012706_10155828867695188_2065508668835268486_nWhat ministries teams can be apart of?

We are looking for teams who can do ministry in many forms.   We need teams to use their talents , abilities, and interests to do ministry and most importantly we need people who love God and love people.

Some of the types of ministry we would like teams to be apart of include:

– Children’s Ministry (Outreaches, Special Events, and/or Carnivals)
– Youth Ministry (Sport/skate park outreaches, Drama, Music teams, Jr and Sr High Events, teaching our youth to play instruments)
– Young Adult Ministry (Running events and outreaches, bands for clubs and bars, College and university outreaches, and Tehillah services)
– Community Projects (Random acts of kindness, serving in community events, cleaning Up neighborhoods, etc.)
– Prayer Ministry (People who will pray and lead prayer walks in different towns, neighbourhoods, and for ministries)
– Construction Projects (We need skilled laborers to help finish the construction of the new Lighthouse / Undercurrent Facility in addition to other ongoing projects).

What do we expect from each Team?11101780_10101344149106771_607576945_n

– Each member of the team should be a positive testimony of the gospel, churches, and ministries you are involved with.
– Each team should be prepared to do ministry in advance.  We recommend incoming teams are meeting and planning for these trips in advance.
– Each team should have an adequate amount of adult leaders.  A ratio of one leader for every six participants is recommended.  Team leaders are responsible for personal issues with their team.
– Each team is responsible to arrange or have transportation to and from ministry sites.
– Each team needs to bring bedding, towels, and their own personal toiletries.  Depending on the size of the team you may need to bring air mattresses as we have a limited supply of beds.
– Each team should bring or arrange for all materials, equipment, and prizes needed for your ministry.

Our Goals

1.  Inspire  –  Our plan is to become even more intentional with our incoming teams.  Our goal will not just to have them minister to people in Cape Breton but to be inspired by instilling the seeds and vision of Church Planting and youth evangelism in Canada within their hearts.  Our dream is to help hundreds and thousands dream of taking the gospel to communities here in our own country.  We want to put Church Planting right into the DNA of the youth and Young Adults that visit and work with us.  Our whole dream is about sowing into a larger dream of God’s destiny over Canada.

2. Connect – One of our goals is to connect church planters with other churches.  This will lead to long term partnerships, prayer covering, future teams, and potential financial support.  We will be pointing all our future teams to connect and minister with our church planters (workers of the ministry) to partner with their mission work on our island. We believe connection is key for God to send workers into the harvest of Cape Breton.

3. Fund – For 10 years we have been hosting five to ten teams a year in Cape Breton.  In 2018 approx 100 dollars of each person’s cost to come here will be going directly to fund church planters and to help keep our ministry school / team house open. Our goal in 2018 is to raise $15,000 to help subsidize several church planters and our house through team participantion.

Costs & Budgeting- Team Fees

We do a flat rate fee for incoming teams, plus an addition cost per person.  The flat rate team fee is due with your initial team registration.
2 – 4 Day team fee includes $250
5 – 7 Day team fee includes $400
Additional Days are $50 Each

Individual Team Member Fees.
7 Days – $300, Additional Days are $30 Each
3 Days – $140, Additional Days are $35 Each

*One leader can attend for free for every 15 members.
*Individual Team Member fees are due no later than 7 days before the trip date.  Funds received after this date will incur a late fee of $25 a person.
*Checks can be made payable to Lighthouse of Cape Breton or you may send an etransfer to

What are other way you can get involved?
(1) Become part of our prayer team.  We need individuals, ministries, and churches who will commit to praying for Cape Breton and our churches.

(2) Become a financial partner.  Our entire staff is responsible for raising their own support for this ministry.  As these plants are all from scratch they do require some financial backing.  We are looking for partner churches / individuals who want to become part of making this ministry possible.  It is possible for you to sponsor the ministry as a whole, or an individual church planter on our sponsor page here.

Contact Information

If you feel God calling your church or you personally to the mission field of Cape Breton, or if you have further questions/inquiries please contact our incoming missions team overseer below.

David Sawler at