On a Mission – Launching Into Your Future

There are moments along our journey which shape who and what we are. Several years ago at Lighthouse our leadership team stopped, prayed, and dreamed about what our future in Cape Breton should look like. We took time to try and put into words the heart of what we believed the vision and mission of Lighthouse was.

The Vision of Lighthouse is, ‘To be the catalyst for spiritual and community transformation in Cape Breton, by reflecting the love, service, and hope found in Jesus Christ.’
I was pleased when this was presented as our Vision statement, as the goal is to see Cape Breton changed, and was never just about growing our church. I hope the sacrificial and serving heart of Lighthouse continues into the future.
Our Mission statement is, ‘Lighthouse Community Church exists to create a united body of believers through Prayer, Discipleship, Leadership Development and Church Planting.’

While there is always room for improvement and growth, I am pleased to see that we have been moving forward in our mission. We have seen the beginning of worship / prayer events for Cape Breton, the Cape Breton Discipleship Adventure is running with a great team of leaders and students, and we are pleased to announce we are starting weekly services at our Sydney location, as we are kicking off a new church plant there.

These are exciting days and we are asking everyone to be praying as we move forward. Please pray for the Pastors, our council, interns, students, and church. As we launch another weekly gathering, lets ask God to help us bring the hope, peace, mercy, and grace of Jesus to every lost and broken person on our Island.

I am inviting those presently involved with Lighthouse, and anyone in our community, to come be part of our services and events. However, the invitation goes beyond asking you to attend a service, it is an invitation be become part of seeing our community transformed, to find ways to serve, and be part of a growing faith community.

See you soon.

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