The Great Reset is Real – And I have decided to Join

Have you ever wished to be young again? To go back to time when life seemed less complicated, less demanding, simpler? At times we all want this, but in reality we are all caught up in the demands of life. It is so hard to let go when we are striving to be on top.

Several years ago I started going to the gym. Somehow along the way I injured my arm. Most days I would just power past the pain and keep going. I was incredibly upset, like most, when restrictions hit and my gym was closed.

It was about nine months ago I realized something. My arm, after years of abuse, never resting, and always hurting, was ok. I am stubborn. I don’t always want to admit healing sometime takes time and rest. But it is true.

It has made me question how I (and perhaps you) have lived in brokenness because we have never given ourselves time to heal, to grow, and be well. In our never ending pursuit for more we can leave our relationships, dreams, and people we love at the bottom of our priority list.

Today I sat on top of a mountain by myself. Well I did have Moose, my dog with me. This would never have been a normal thing for me. I recognized that I am thankful for the last year and a half as it has forced me to hit the Reset Button.

Yes, I have been annoyed and have struggled. I Pastor a Church and oversee our youth centres. In some ways everything can seem complicated. That is not the whole story though, and there are huge lessons to learn.

I looked back through my pictures and social media over the past 18 months and there are some visible changes. My wife and I have spent more time together. We have been outside even more. We have taken up new adventures and hobbies. We have spent lots of time with friends and those who mean a lot to us.

I said I was stubborn. I am just at the beginning but it has taken this long for my mind to start feel ok. I have found myself saying no to things lately. I have turned many voices off. I have made a decision to not let others steal the joy in living.

The truth is. I don’t want to go back to 18 months ago. I have been caught up in the Great Reset. If you let it, it can be a gift that heals.

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