About Us

Lighthouse is a new faith community in Cape Breton. Our first location opened in Glace Bay in November of 2005.  We welcome people of every denomination and background to join us as we seek to encounter God through worship, His Word, and ministry time.

We have several locations and partner ministries right here in the CBRM. Presently we have a weekly gathering in Glace Bay at Lighthouse Church located at 224 York Street.  It is also home to Undercurrent Youth Centre (YFC).

We also have a new centre at 71 Prince Street in Sydney that is the home of Lighthouse Sydney, Undercurrent Sydney, and our weekly worship event called Thursday Night Light.


David and Shirley Sawler are the lead Pastors. Shirley grew up in Glace Bay, while David lived in Glace Bay and Sydney in his teen and early young adult years. They had been ministering in Windsor, NS and Oakville, ON for 11 years and returned to Cape Breton 13 years ago to start Lighthouse and Undercurrent.

One thing that makes Lighthouse unique is that we have given our space to be used to bless our community. Undercurrent Youth Centre (YFC) runs programs in our building five days a week, and many groups, and individuals also use the space on a regular basis.

Our goal is to see new, active, and relevant churches started in every community in Cape Breton.  Lighthouse is a church who has ‘church starting’ as a core value – we want to see every community have a healthy local Church that can help meet the Spiritual and social needs of that place.  Also, we want to be a place that ministers to the community and the needs in it, especially for young people.  Our new building is dedicated to just that, as there is a youth drop in centre, youth programs, and rooms for community events.

Why are you starting Churches? It may seem strange to most people that we are starting Churches in Cape Breton while at the same time many Churches have closed their doors or are presently struggling with poor and declining church attendance.

We believe God is just a relevant today as ever. While the younger generations do not seem to be attracted to the same churches of their parents it does not mean they are not spiritually minded. We are attempting to reach out to those who do not attend any church presently, while welcoming those who have some Church background also. We want to have Churches who speak to these generations with a clear and relevant message.