How To Apply

To apply for Cape Breton Adventure Discipleship School simply fill out the online application. With 1-2 weeks you will be contacted by one of our staff. We will set up a time for an interview and ask you to have two people fill out a reference for you at that time.

For more information David Sawler here.

Male or Female?
Date Of Birth
Emergency Contact
Emergency Phone:
Maritial Status
Name of Church you attend?
List any involvement (past and present) you have had in your church.


Highest Level of School Completed?
List all schools/ courses you have attended since high school, even if you did not complete, ability to communicate in a second language, music, medical, athletics, etc).
List your employment and non-church volunteer experience (or attach a recent resume)
Do you have any additional training or certification that you feel we should know about? (i.e. first-aid certified, life guarding certification, etc.)
What has motivated you to want to apply to participate in this ministry adventure school
Briefly describe your future career hopes or directions of interest:


Have you had or are you now receiving professional assistance for emotional or mental difficulties? If yes, please provide a brief overview of the situation: country? If so, please give brief description.
Do you now have any chronic diseases or physical disabilities that require special attention? If yes, please explain more fully:
Some outdoor adventures will require a level of physical fitness from participants. How would you rate your fitness level at this point:
Do you use alcohol or tobacco? If so, how regularly?
Are you now or have you ever been involved with non-prescription drug use? If yes, please indicate to what extent and your most recent involvement:
Have you ever been charged or convicted of a criminal offense? If you have, please explain the circumstances more fully:
What do you see as your greatest challenge in attending a program such as this? Why?
What are your main interests? How do you spend your free time?


Describe briefly your journey toward knowing Jesus personally
What was your last significant spiritual decision or commitment? What has God been working on within you most recently?
Describe (i) your present relationship to Christ, and(ii) what evidence of this commitment someone watching your daily life might see
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