The cost of the entire program is just $3995.

This includes;

  • Two courses from Master’s College and Seminary. ($1600)
  • A full discipleship program consisting of approximately 45 hours per week of training, study, retreats, outdoor adventures, ministry experience, and travel.
  • Housing in our Ocean 5 Star Villa. (For those who do not require housing the cost will be $2995, however, all students are highly encouraged to be part of community living.)

Some Amazing News and Financial Help

Students Can Have Paid internship Hours – Students will be given the opportunity to work part time hours at either of our Undercurrent Youth Centres. This will involve planning, setting up, and running programs for youth and families, rentals, and cleaning. Students will be given an opportunity to work enough hours to pay for some, or all of their program. Our goal it to make it possible for every youth / young adult to attend this program and remove the barrier of cost. This is limited to the first eight students who require some financial assistance.

What is not included;

Meals – Students are responsible for their own food and food prep. Each student will be given space in the pantry and kitchen to keep their own food.  Students will also work together to prepare meals for the group.

Additional Courses from Master’s College and Seminary. Students, who take heavier course loads will miss a few hours of serving per week, but will still be involved with all our ministry experiences. Additional courses will cost $800 per course.

Mission Trip. Our students will have the opportunty to travel to the Dominican Republic to be part of our annual Missions trips. Students will be able to go at a reduced cost. During the school year our team will work together to help all students who want to take part to raise the funds to go.

When Are Funds Due?

To complete our application process students will make a non-refundable deposit of $200 to hold a spot. $2000 is due Sept 5th and the remainder of $1795 by Jan 3, 2018.