What is it?

What is it?

It is life altering adventure where students will dedicated themselves to growing in faith, learning how to minister and serve others, all while enjoying the beautiful Island of Cape Breton.

The program is eight and a half months and runs from Sept 12th, 2017 until May 23rd, 2018. There is a twleve day break over Christmas and a reading week in Febraury.

Who Are We?

Our ministry school was launched by Lighthouse, which is a church planting ministry in Cape Breton. As well, it runs two Youth Centres called Undercurrent in Glace Bay and Sydney. The ministry was started by David Sawler and a great team of leaders thirteen years ago. The ministry school is for youth and young adults of all denominations between the ages of 18-25.

What Are We?

We are Church Starters and we want to inspire, involve, and equip others to go into unreached communities to start new communities of faith. Every student will be involved  with ministry with several church plants, all at different stages of development.

We believe in Entrepreneurial Faith Filled Leadership that dreams, risks, and becomes light and hope in every area. Our students will be challenged to develop self starting skills to help them take the gospel wherever God calls them in the future.

We believe in life transforming Discipleship. Our students will be taken on a journey of spiritual growth through times of worship, prayer, teaching, and becoming involved with discipling others. We want to see our students gain the desire and skills to serve others and pour into the lives of those around them.

We have a focus on Youth Ministry. First, we believe that Jesus purposely choose a group of young people, known as the disciples, to pour His life into and send to change the world. Our students will be invested in by a great ministry team who believes God is calling them to live out this adventure. Secondly, we want to involve our students in our Undercurrent youth ministry and youth centres which work with hundreds of youth on a weekly basis.

We are Worshippers. Cape Breton has a rich history based in music and the arts. As part of every student’s journey, will be engage in various expressions of worship. On a weekly basis students will have opportunities to take part in worship services, as well as, several worship intensives with many of Cape Breton’s worship leaders.

The Details

Some Amazing News

Students Can Have Paid internship Hours – Students will be given the opportunity to work part time hours at either of our Undercurrent Youth Centres. This will involve planning, setting up, and running programs for youth and families, rentals, and cleaning. Students will be given an opportunity to work enough hours to pay for some, or all of their program. Our goal it to make it possible for every youth / young adult to attend this program and remove the barrier of cost.

Affordable Cost – $3995 – This includes two courses from Master’s College and Seminary. (One in fall and one in Spring) A full discipleship program consisting of approximately 45 hours per week of training, study, retreats, outdoor adventures, ministry experience, travel, and housing in our Ocean 5 Star Villa. For those who do not require housing the cost will be $2995, however, all students are encouraged to be part of community living.

* For more information on Master’s College and Seminary please visit http://www.mcs.edu/

Flexible Academic Plan – Cape Breton Discipleship Adventure School is designed primarily to be a discipleship school that includes some accredited courses. However, we are giving students an option to add more courses through Master’s College an Seminary. Students, who take heavier course loads will miss a few hours of serving per week, but will still be involved with all our ministry experiences. Additional courses will cost $800 per course.

How to Apply?

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