Launch 2017 – A New Beginning

Things change. We have been on an epic journey over the past decade in Cape Breton. Not an easy one, but an amazing one. We are very thankful for the people we have met, had the opportunity to work with, and all of the out of the ordinary things we have seen and experienced. In 2017 we are stepping out to make some huge changes in order to keep up with the vision we have for Cape Breton. Our theme for 2017 will be ‘Launch.’  We have three areas where we are moving forward and would love for you to take a moment to hear about them.

First. A new Lighthouse Church location. On Sunday, January 29th at 6 PM we will be holding our first service in our new Sydney Campus. Our dream is to be a faith community in the CBRM for those not presently connected to any church. If you are looking for a place to find hope, love, and learn about what Faith looks like, then we invite you to come be part of this new endeavour. You can learn more, and follow news about Lighthouse, at

Second. A new Undercurrent Youth Centre. In just a few weeks we begin youth programming at our new location in Sydney. One of the goals for the centre is to provide hundreds of children and youth a safe place to be, free of negative influences. We also, want to give every child every opportunity to succeed despite their economic, family, or current life situation. You can read more about our centres at

Third. A new Ministry Training School. After a decade of talking, dreaming, and setting things up, in September of 2017 we are launching a ministry school. Our dream for this ministry is to provide a unique training experience which will include; a paid ministry internship, accredited ministry school courses, a discipleship program, a life altering experience, all hosted in at a proven Maritime Church Planting ministry. If you are a youth, or young adult, who wants to be involved with gaining ministry experience in church plating, youth ministry, or working in youth centres, then this may be for you. Please contact David Sawler for more details.

There will be lots more news to follow. If you are in the Cape Breton area please mark January 29th on your Calendar, and join us for our first service at our new Lighthouse Sydney Campus.

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