Missions Application

Date Of Birth
T-shirt size

Emergency Contact
Emergency Phone:

Have you read all the information about this trip, it's requirements, and obligations?
Briefly describe what volunteer (church and/or community related) projects you are presently involved with.
List what skills or gifts you would bring to our missions team, including your profession and other experiences/assets. (e.g.: construction, ability to communicate in a second language, music, medical, athletics, etc).
Briefly describe here if you have had any additional cross cultural experience (i.e., other missions trips, traveling overseas, etc.).
Do you have any additional training or certification that you feel we should know about? (i.e. first-aid certified, life guarding certification, etc.)
What has motivated you to want to apply to participate in this mission trip?
Do you have any chronic or current health issues / problems that might be affected by the environment and living conditions in a third world country? If so, please give brief description.

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