Jacqui Wilson
, Youth Discipleship & Worship Pastor

Born and raised in a small town in Ontario, going to Bible College and studying Option #5youth ministry in Peterborough, ON – Glace Bay, Cape Breton is a big change for me. It is a good change that continues to bring new challenges, experiences, joy, passion and compassion that does not exist anywhere else.

I have a passion for people to be transformed, and live to their full capacity. I love seeing this especially in students and teenagers. There is so much to learn and live for, and I love to inspire, encourage, and release hope over people’s lives. There is nothing better than watching someone become the man or woman of God that they were created to be!

I am stoked to be joining an amazing team here at Lighthouse & Undercurrent. We have a big vision for Cape Breton, and to influence our nation. I have a real tug in my heart for the next generation to see them thrive and live with purpose. I want to see a generation sold out for Christ, completely transformed, and working towards expanding the Kingdom of God. I look forward to providing programs for the community, working with youth, and doing music.
I felt a strong call here a long time ago, and now here I am…so let’s make the best of it!

My Fave Hobbies: Piano, Singing, Long walks on the beach, Hanging out with students & Making cards
My Fave Movies:  The Lion King, Sweet Home Alabama, ANY SUPERHERO film
My Fave Things:  Coffee, Colourful changing leaves, Hockey, Boots, Scarves, The smell of apple pie, Hazelnut lattes, Acoustic & Authentic Music, Wonder Woman


Jenny Eisan, Children’s Ministry Director  GB5

Raised in Windsor, Nova Scotia, I was happy to leave the small town atmosphere behind me when I graduated high school.

Not knowing what I really wanted to do with my life I took the advice from a wise mentor of mine and moved to Oakville, Ontario to attend Master’s Commission 9Discipleship School) for two years.

During my time at Master’s Commission, I went on two missions trips to the Dominican Republic, and have had a heart for missions and kids ever since.

After Master’s, I followed my mentor out to Glace Bay to begin work on a church plant that he had a heart for and I fell in love with the people and community. I left Cape Breton almost 9 years ago now and I never thought I’d be coming back, even though my heart had never left.

I’m excited to embark on this new adventure and excited for the things God is doing in the lives of the kids, youth, and families of this community.

Fun facts about me

Hobbies: reading, going for walks, doing weekend projects and organizing

Movies: Lord of the Rings and anything with action or lots of comedy, no chick flicks please

All time favourite things: Going to concerts, traveling, looking at the stars and summer at the beach in flip flops

Favourite verse: Joshua 1:5 “I will never leave you or forget you”



10356272_10152529140519285_7651553362589029249_nPastor Steve Fenton

The ‘ol man of the crew I have been bouncing back and forth between P.E.I. to Cape Breton since emigrating to Canada in 1982.  For most of those years I have been a pastor, though presently I am teaching at Cape Breton’s one and only, and, super duper Christian School, Munro Academy.

I awakened to the reality of Jesus as a living life giving Spirit about twenty years ago although I have sought him most of my life.

I became part of Lighthouse over three years ago and my wife Marie and I have become increasingly involved.  We love the mission, the people, and the staff and volunteers of this fabulous fellowship.  Pastor Dave’s vision is magnificent and we will try to help it along as much as we can.

Being Irish we are 98% Capers by shared roots and we love the island and it’s Celtic culture.

While we live in Ross Ferry, Lighthouse is definitely our spiritual home.  We only missed getting there because of weather maybe twice in the last three years, and we actually enjoy the hour commute.

Fascinating Facts

I have been married to Marie for well over half of my life!

Natalie MacMaster is a sweet genius, who is our favorite Cape Breton fiddler. We have happily sat in bucketing rain to hear her.

Football is the “Beautiful Game” with nothing to do with the NFL, and actually uses the foot (unlike the NFL) to move the ball (a round one) forward.  And there is no greater team that plays that stupendous global sport than Liverpool Football Club!

We have seven wonderful children and eight staggeringly beautiful grand-children, we are a clan.

We love worship music, and are presently really enjoying Bethel’s beautiful songs.  But we love Chris Tomlin, Rend Collective, and Hillsong.

Influences: Andrew Murray; Brennan Manning, Paul Ellis, Bill Johnson, and John Wimber.

Favorite things to do: Be with family, read, listen to good music, be up early in the mornings, and speak the Freedom of Christ to open hearts.


David Sawler, Exec Director

Along with my wife, Shirley, and three kids we moved back to Glace Bay in the summer of 2005. Shirley grew up in Glace Bay and I lived here much of my teenage years, as well as, in Sydney. Before living here we were in Oakville, ON where I was a youth and young adults minister and mentorship program director.  Previously, we were working with youth in Windsor, NS.

Several years ago I started writing and speaking, and now spend several weeks a year talking to youth groups, parents, and churches around Canada and many other countries.  However, my heart is here in Cape Breton.

We are dedicated to seeing many new churches started here in Cape Breton, along with several more centres for youth. We are dedicated to seeing community transformation, where this generation can grow up free of addiction, hoplessness, and despair.

Personal Website –

Some Semi Interesting Facts

Hobbies: Guitar, Drums, Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Videographer

Movies:  Gladiator, Lord of the Rings, Band of Brothers, Matrix

Favorite Things:  Steaks from the Keg, Pizza Buffets, Good Live Music, Chocolate Glazed Krispy Kream Donuts

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