“The Fathers Love”

For a month now our children and their spouses and most of our grandchildren have been with us. I love it! I really think families were meant to be together and live near one another, but such is this world. In the next world the Fenton compound will be awesome!

I often watch my family as they mill around, talk, argue, laugh, love and fight. Like me they have a long way to go on their respective journeys but I look at them and I brim over with joyful love. Why, because they are mine. Because I am loyal to them even when they struggle. Because I know that their mother and I taught them well, that God is invested in them, and that they are quality people, who are going to finish their journey with success.

I look at them and I see them as they were when they were little. I kid you not (no pun intended). I see those little faces that looked to me so often for love and comfort. I hear their laughter, and I love them even more. Weird probably, but they will always be my little children, I will always hurt with them, laugh with them (usually until I cannot breathe), cry with them, and celebrate their many wonderful accomplishments. I believe in my kids, I am not disappointed in any of them, they often amaze me. I believe my kids will go further, achieve more, climb bigger mountains, and win more people to Jesus than I ever did. I am still moving forward mind you, this is not my swan song just yet. But my kids are awesome. I know many of you feel the same way about your kids, and mine!!

As I was sitting reveling in the clan around me the other evening at the campfire I realized with fresh clarity that my Father, my heavenly Dad looks at all of us the same way. He sees us as his little ones (no matter how old we get on this rock we are still infants to the Ancient of Days). He knows we struggle, he knows we are made of dust, but like me and mine, he is fiercely proud of us, eternally committed, deeply in love, and delighted in our hearts.

He knows we have a long way to go but he is pleased with his own work in us, and will bring it to a great conclusion. He will keep us strong to the end, he will lead us into all truth, and he will be with us always (see, I am right, all families should be together). He cannot fail us, he will not reject us, and he longs for moment by moment fellowship with us. He is immeasurably patient, instantly covers our sin with his cruciform love, laughs at our humor, loves our eccentricity, and can’t wait to see how high we will reach.

He believes in his kids, he is not disappointed in any of us, and we often amaze him. He believes we will go further, climb higher, win more people to Jesus, and do greater things than his Son did. And he is committed to making it happen.

He revels in you today, right now he looks and he loves you and me, and he deeds his Kingdom to us everyday. Everyday everything he has is ours.

I have referenced or paraphrased so much scripture in this blog, the references alone would fill a page or two. But perhaps the profound word of Jesus encapsulates it all.

But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not try to stop them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” (Matt 19:14)

“For God so loved the World He gave his one and only Son.”

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