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Undercurrent Youth Centre now has it’s own website at



Undercurrent Youth Centre exists to inspire hope into the lives of thousands of children and youth in Cape Breton.

We want to give every child every opportunity to succeed.

We are investing in this generation in big ways to break the cycle of poverty and addiction that has become the norm in Cape Breton.

We now have two youth centres open. We use our facebook groups to promote all youth centre events. Please join the one near you.

Click Logo to Join Our Glace Bay Youth Centre FaceBook GroupĀ  facebook-logo-icon-vectorcopy-big-1024x1024

Click Logo to Join Our Sydney Youth Centre FaceBook Group


3 thoughts on “Youth Centre

  1. Unreal ! This is one of very few things that can actually make a difference in children’s lifes outside the home. Is there a weekly calendar of events?

    • Hello there. We post all our events on the undercurrent youth centre and youth group facebook groups. In two weeks we will be posting our summer schedule which will include lots of events at the centre and lots of things in the community.

    • We post everything on calendar but if specific age groups you should join one of the facebook groups. We have them for the kids programs, youth ministry, and youth centre. We try and add everything, and the details on there.

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