What Will We Do?

Cape Breton Discipleship Adventure School is an experience-based program that consists of a time dedicated to spiritual formation, practical teaching, ministry experience with church starting and community youth work, and outdoor adventures in one of Canada’s most beautiful areas, all while taking part in community living.

This is your opportunity to let God form you all while investing in young people, both in, and outside the church. This is more than just a school, it is a life altering adventure which will both challenge and change you.

Community Living

Lighthouse has been extremely blessed this year and we are being given a Ocean front 5 Star Villa that we will be housing students in. Our students, along with house parents, we learn and live in community. Students will stay in a 5 star facility with there own private rooms, and lots of community space.

Ministry Intensives

During our nine month adventure we will host a mimimum of three ministry intensives. These will be week long practical teaching / ministry times when guests will come to invest in our students and involve them in local ministry. One of these will be Laura Bronson, from Youth for Christ. She will be joining us to teach and help our students plan and run several youth events.

Community / Relational Youth Work

Two days a week students will be involved with running programs at Lighthouse and Undercurrent Youth Centres in Glace Bay and Sydney. Our goal is help students be part of mentoring and serving the youth of Cape Breton. Our students will work side by side with our ministry team, volunteers, and staff to help plan, implement, and run the day to day programs and large scale events.

Accredited Academic Courses

This program includes two courses from Master’s College and Seminary. While this is not solely an academic based program, we do want to invest in our students with a strong Biblical foundation.

* For more information on Master’s College and Seminary please visit http://www.mcs.edu/

We are also offering Flexible Academic Plan – Cape Breton Discipleship Adventure School is designed primarily to be a discipleship school that includes some accredited courses. However, we giving students an option to  add more courses through Master’s College an Seminary. Students, who take heavier course loads will miss a few hours of serving per week, but will still be involved with all our ministry experiences. Additional courses will cost $800 each.

Travelling Ministry

During our program students will be involved with events, outreach, and ministry in several locations in the Maritimes and Ontario. As a group, we will be traveling to youth groups, youth centres, and churches to serve, speak, lead in worship times and do community outreach.

Outdoor Adventure

Cape Breton has been listed as one of the most beautiful Island in the world. Together we will experience how Cape Breton ‘declares the Glory of God’ as we stand on mountain tops, explore coast lines, take in sunsets in stunning ocean views, and so much more.

Overseas Ministry Opportunity (Optional)

Our students will have the opportunty to travel to the Dominican Republic to be part of our annual Missions trips. Students will be able to go at a reduced cost. During the school year our team will work together to help all students who want to take part to raise the funds to go.