After six years of constant writing, travelling, speaking, and blogging about youth ministry it was decided it was time for a break. Over two years ago I completely stopped so I could focus on ministry in my home community.

The last two years have been filled some pretty amazing moments and challenges. Here is just a small update. We launched a new Lighthouse / Undercurrent Youth Centre in Sydney (Click)  and the Cape Breton Discipleship Adventure (Click).  To top that off someone donated ‘Abbey By’e the Sea’ which is a mansion overlooking the Atlantic Ocean for our Discipleship Adventure students and staff. Last, I am very pleased to have joined the Youth For Christ family. It has been a ton of work, but we have seen first hand a series of miracles happen to bring this all together.

For the past several months I have known it was time to begin again. We have dedicated the past twenty five years to working with youth across Canada, and my heart is certainly still there.

Starting this week, I will launching a new series on youth ministry. I will continue to share studies and information on how to help young people be engaged in their faith.  However, I will also be focusing on helping leaders, churches, and ministries connect with youth outside their present reach.

My prayer for my own community and country is that everyone would live in the hope, grace, freedom, and peace found in following Jesus. I know, that is likely the same thing you want for your community.

I am inviting you to join me on a journey to discover how we can serve, love, and create community transformation.  My hope is that through these words you will be challenged and equipped to lead in greater ways. So please follow, interact, and share the upcoming blogs, writings, and ideas.

If you live in the Maritimes why not consider joining us for our Winter Retreat. We are bringing together an incredible group of people who have dedicated their lives to youth ministry across Canada. The focus of this retreat is help regular people learn how to connect and serve youth in their own community. For more info Click Here.

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